Longterm Care Testimonials

Thelma Zabel, Glenwood Springs

"I  wish I had moved my mom into Harmony House sooner. She loved living  there and enjoyed her day to day life and activities into her 90's." 

David Andrews, MD., Philadelphia,PA

"Harmony  House went above and beyond to care for my dad. In his late 80's he was  enjoying horseback riding, art therapy, and visits to the Glenwood  Center for the Arts. The staff made these activities possible that  aren't available at other facilities. I always had complete confidence  that my dad was thriving and well cared for at Harmony House, even  though we were miles apart." 

Bonnie Snyder, current resident

"I've  been through a lot with my accident and rehabilitation and it's a  comfort to be at Harmony House. It's such a pretty home and I feel happy  to be here every day. The staff care for me like I'm a loved one."